About us

Our lovely wooden cottage with sauna 


We would like to invite you to an expedition to the Giant Mountains, home of the Mountain Spirit (Duch Gór). The extraordinary landscape makes the area extremely appealing for tourists all year round. In the summer you can go for a walk in the highlands. During winter you can enjoy skiing on professionally maintained slopes. The area is literally packed with all sorts of entertainment throughout the year and for everyone regardless of the age.
Willow creek is a wooden house, located in the charming and delightful village Mniszków in Rudawy Janowickie Landscape Park. It is a new building located next to a forest and a mountain stream, away from the city noise, tourists and hotels. This location guarantees peaceful and quiet holiday. It is an ideal place for people looking for peacefulness and wonderful views. The cottage is ideal for sweet lazing and as a starting point to explore upper regions of mountains, hiking up the hill or other tourist attractions.
Agata & Adam